History gives TC Specialties a unique beginning originating with its most famous heir, Eliot Ness. After Eliot's crime fighting days during the time of prohibition in the Midwest, he moved to Coudersport, PA to maintain his position as President with Fidelity Check Co. and the Guaranty Paper Co. Their main business was producing high security checks, the kind of checks that could not be easily duplicated.



After the existing companies folded, Bill Ayers, Eliot's production manager, purchased the printing presses to start a commercial printing company. The name of the company was Tool Crafters which eventually developed into TC Specialties Company.


60's - 80's

John Rigas, founder of Adelphia Cable and Mr. Ayers and TC Specialties collaborated, to produce coupon payment booklets for the rapidly growing cable television customer base



Mr. Ayers sold the company to its current owner, Terry Freeman. During the next few years a decision was made by TCS to refocus their time, energies and financial support in an attempt to develop complimentary services for the coupon production business. Coupon books were marketed successfully in new areas and TCS expanded into larger format commercial printing and added mailing services for these new clients.



During the early 1990s when the United States Postal Service began offering discounts for presorted and barcoded mail, TCS again expanded their focus. At this time the company made its first investment in available OCR (optical character reading) technology. Realizing the potential for presorting and barcoding services, TCS researched the market for expansion opportunities.



Jacksonville Florida was selected for a second automated mail service bureau.



Based on the success of the Jacksonville mailing operation and at the request of some of Florida's largest mailers, TCS opened a mailing services facility in Orlando Florida.



In 1996, TCS built and moved into their new 11,000 square foot production facility in Orlando.



The growing demand for the mailing services of TCS, led the company to expand their capabilities into their third Florida location in Tampa. Coinciding with the opening of this third location, TCS continued to expand their services to include laser print to mail, statement printing and processing and high speed ink jet addressing.



The TCS Jacksonville operation moves into their current 62,000 square foot facility. With the opening of this new facility and the expansion of their service capabilities, TCS processed over 300 million pieces of mail to become one of the largest mailing service providers in the Southeast.



TC Specialties changes their name to TC Delivers Mail Solutions and Savings to more accurately reflect the type of services they offer to their clients. The new name also reflects the company's continuing commitment to use the best technology along with each employee's individual commitment to Deliver the exact mailing services their clients need with the maximum amount of savings.


Currently, TC Delivers operates three self sufficient direct mail operating centers that provide the complete spectrum of direct mailing services. Their list of services currently includes: folding, inserting, metering, tabbing, high speed inkjet addressing, data processing, statement printing, and color laser printing services. TC Delivers also provides a complete menu of sorting services including automated and non-automation sortation of all sizes of first class, standard A, non-profit and international mail.


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