Mailing List Acquisition

The right mailing list acquisition can mean the difference between success and failure. TC Delivers is a multi-sourcing list broker that can provide in-depth profile modeling and consultation that directs you to the mailing list best suited to make your mailing a success. TC Delivers provides the complete spectrum of mailing lists both domestic and international including:

    Compiled from over 250,000,000 records. Selects include: homeowner/renter, income levels, children in home, age, net worth, religion, language, automobile information, mortgage information, pet owners, new movers and length of residence.
    Compiled from over 14,000,000 businesses. Selects include: types of business, number of employees, annual sales, job titles, contact names, telephone numbers, fax numbers, website addresses, and years in business.
    Compiled from over 500,000 doctors and 180,000 pharmacists. Selects include: doctors by specialty, administrators, pharmacists, dentists, hospital personnel, nurses, veterinarians, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical schools, and retirement homes.
    Selects include: high school students, college bound, college students, young adults, ethnic teens, pre-school through junior high, teenage lifestyle interests, teachers, special education, band programs, school departments, class year, gender, income, religious affiliation, preschool, and sports interests.
    The complete spectrum of lifestyle lists including: credit card balance, diet control method, eye glass wearers, insurance, credit cards, mail order buyers, military, lifestyle interests, food products used, medical products used, grooming products used, music preference and fashion preference.

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