Lettershop and Direct Mailing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services revolving all around professional mailing services for businesses. We cater printing and mailing statements for utility and billing companies, as well as presort services to financial institutions and government agencies. Our approach is to provide excellent customer service from beginning to end, providing our clients with the level of quality they expect with reliable on time delivery among all of our services.

Mailing services are truly our specialty. While we excel at everything in between, mailing services are where we shine as a company and as a proud leader in our industry; we thank you for choosing TC Delivers as your partner in mailing services.

Through our lettershop mailing services, we manage the entire process of preparing, printing, mailing and tracking large-volume campaigns from hundreds to million pieces, providing to our clients the most reliable deliverability in reaching a targeted audience with matching demographics.

We offer the latest technology in fully automated mail processing equipment, including:

  • NCOA
  • Address Standardization
  • Zip Code Verification
  • Carrier Route Coding
  • Zip+4 Coding
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)
  • Delivery Point Barcoding
  • Variable Match Criteria
  • Gender Coding
  • Selective Suppression
  • Broker List Analysis
  • Multi-buyer Analysis
  • Data Accumulation
  • Detailed & Custom Reporting
  • List Maintenance
  • List Acquisition
  • On-line access
  • Customized List Applications
  • Unlimited Selections
  • CASS Certification
  • Name & Address Files
  • Mailing Lists
  • Programming
  • Bursting
  • Folding
  • Intelligent Inserting (Lettersize and Flat Size)
  • Metering
  • Tabbing
  • Labeling
  • High-speed Ink Jet Addressing
  • Fulfillment
  • Flat Inserting
  • Snap Pack
  • Shrink Wrapping / Poly bagging
  • Warehousing / Inventory control
  • PrintStream Job Tracking Software

We can even provide manual inserting for specialty mail campaigns, giving you unlimited freedom in size and shape of your materials.

Another secret weapon is our high-speed laser printing systems with on-line and off-line capabilities. TC Delivers offers quality, speed, and flexibility for all your laser printing, OCR, and personalization needs.


Consult with one of our experienced client service coordinators to find out how we can save you time and money...and increase your direct mail performance.

As a company with over 50 years in business our clients not only count with  the expertise and strategic partnerships necessary in the industry, but also we strive to always update our systems and technology. This enables us to keep up with the fast-passed digital world of automation significantly increasing overall quality, productivity and efficiency which results in passed on savings to our clients, while consistently increasing the overall quality of our services. Also, being around for this long has allowed us to build a trustworthy reputation as well as one of the leaders in quality mailing solutions. Through time and trust, we have developed strategic partnerships with multiple companies with whom we work with behind the scenes to make sure we provide outstanding service in everything we do.


"Full Sail University has relied upon TC Specialties' expertise for almost two decades for the presorting of our outgoing daily mail and for large, time-sensitive mass mailings to prospective students. They continue to meet our deadlines, suggest cost-saving measures, and are a pleasure to work with."

Barbara Allen
Communications Manager, Admissions
Full Sail University

Lettershop & Direct Mail

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